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Business Presentations & Workshops 

Wellbeing workshops for businesses

Thriving Together:
Cultivating Workplace Wellbeing

This workshop tackles the pressing challenge of burnout and mental health, offering a comprehensive approach to enhancing the psychological well-being of your team. Steve presents a combination of scientific insights, interactive experiences, and team-building exercises, highlighting the significance of fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture that is a shared responsibility for everyone.

  • 70% of Adults have experienced burnout at work

  • Mental health issues cost  the NZ economy $12 billion each year 

  • Stress and anxiety are increasing exponentially

5 minute wellbeing

Five Minute Wellbeing - change your life in 5 

Behaviour change is difficult, we've all tried it, you probably set yourself a New Years Resolution at the start of the year, how did that go?  Research shows that under 10% of resolutions continue into February!  Why is it so hard to make lasting change when we know what we should be doing? 


During this interactive presentation you will learn how to make changes in your life through 5 simple steps.  Combine this with over 20 tools or 'hacks' that you can use to improve your general Health and Wellbeing and you have the power to take control and make a difference in your life. 

Commas & Full Stops

Wellbeing presentation

This presentation explores the tools and strategies that can be used in everyday life to enhance our wellbeing and make us more resilient.


Commas and Fullstops challenges the audience to consider how their daily habits effect their current state, and provides easy yet effective ways to manage wellbeing on a daily basis. 


Steve explores the relationship between colleagues, business organisations and an individuals wellbeing, providing many strategies that can enhance peoples working life. 

Happiness is a state of emotional wellbeing, synonymous with a good life, positivity and meaning. 


This presentation covers how wellbeing and resilience contribute to happiness and the practical tools that we as individuals, and as members of a business, can utilise in order to help ourselves and each other.  ​


By discovering the differences between hedonic and eudaimonic happiness (we prefer to call them type 1 and type 2 fun) you can increase right now the time you spend smiling each day. 

Happiness wellbeing workshop

Happiness - its more than just a mood

Work place wellbeing

This presentation explains the research on how our workplace effects our wellbeing and what we can do to improve it.  Focussing on evidence based tools and strategies you will get to experience all ten ideas and decide for yourself which are the best fit for you! 

10 ideas for wellbeing @ work

Timing & Pricing
Presentation's last for 1.5-2 hrs as an interactive workshop, although this can be reduced if needed.
Cost - Starting from $1250+GST plus travel, no maximum on audience size
Full or half day workshops are also available, please make contact to discuss what works for you. 

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