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Steve's approach to workshops and presentations is to give the Why, What and How of Wellbeing & Resilience.

By weaving personal growth for teachers together with teaching wellbeing to students, Steve creates opportunities for teachers to use their own wellbeing experiences to engage with their students. 

Study Group

Steve covers

  • Models of Wellbeing, Belonging, Positive Emotions, Stress Management, Relationships, and Goals/Habits. 

  • He believes that staff & students need to understand the science and the research behind the wellbeing strategies. 

  • Steve provides practical ways to improve your wellbeing, working on the 1% better each day approach.

Teachers will leave the session with multiple ideas that they can utilise in their own lives and in their classrooms. 


Contact Steve today to discuss how he can help with promoting Wellbeing & Resilience in your school. 


Our most popular workshop...

Thriving Together:
Cultivating Workplace Wellbeing

This workshop tackles the pressing challenge of burnout and mental health, offering a comprehensive approach to enhancing the psychological well-being of your team. Steve presents a combination of scientific insights, interactive experiences, and team-building exercises, highlighting the significance of fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture that is a shared responsibility for everyone.

  • 70% of Adults have experienced burnout at work

  • Mental health issues cost  the NZ economy $12 billion each year 

  • Stress and anxiety are increasing exponentially

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